Karaoke Night

Nearly everyone sang tonight! Here are Will, Patricia and friends from Italy and Russia.


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Team Challenge

Javier, Marina, Elena, Jorge and Esther arrived on Sunday and joined Loxdale on Monday. We had team challenges which encouraged the new students to mix and have fun.

IMG_0324Javier, Marina, Elena, Jorge y Esther llegaron el domingo y comenzaron su trabajo en Loxdale el lunes. Tuvimos retos del equipo que ayudó a los nuevos estudiantes a conocerse ya divertirse.




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Patricia: My experience so far.

The journey has been great. You learn a lot of English in class and during the activities and you also meet new people. The weather is nice, sometimes as hot as Spain!

People here are lovely and my host family is adorable. I’ve been so lucky. We’re doing activities all the time. You can’t get bored and we visit interesting places too. It’s a great experience. If you do it, you’ll have a great time too.


El viaje ha sido genial. Te aprendes mucho inglés en clase, durante las actividades y también puedes conocer gente nueva. El tiempo es agradable, a veces tan caliente como España!

Aquí la gente es encantadora y mi familia es adorable. He sido tan afortunado. Estamos haciendo actividades todo el tiempo. No puedes aburrirse y visitamos lugares interesantes también. Es una gran experiencia. Si lo haces, tendrás una gran experiencia también.

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Covent Garden

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, some of us went shopping in Covent Garden. We watched some street entertainers too.IMG_0314 - copia

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London Eye

After visiting the Natural History Museum the students had a choice to visit the London Eye or Camden Town.

IMG_0294 - copiaHalf the group, plus the Korean group chose the London Eye.IMG_0297 - copia

IMG_0308 - copia








The views were spectacular.

IMG_0304 - copiaIMG_0306 - copiaIMG_0299 - copia







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London: Natural History Museum

On Sunday we went to London. First we visited the Natural History Museum. We started in the Dinosaur Galleries. We saw the skull of Tyranasaurus Rex (T Rex) and other skeletons from over 300 millions years ago.

IMG_0262 - copiaIMG_0268 - copiaIMG_0263 - copia

A reconstruction of a T Rex nest.
IMG_0276 - copiaIMG_0277 - copia



The skull below is between 200 000 and 300 000 years old. It was found in Africa. It was one of our ancestors!

IMG_0280 - copia IMG_0282 - copia                                                                      












This book is called “On the Origin of  Species” wriiten by Charles Darwin.  Darwin pioneered the theory of evolution. This book is a first edition: 24th November 1859. Below, you can see his statue.

IMG_0284 - copia

IMG_0289 - copia

Sefali and Carmen are looking at a fossilized tree trunk. It was beautiful.

IMG_0291 - copia

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Winchester and the Round Table

After Avebury, we visited the ancient city of Winchester. IMG_0243






Winchester was the capital of England over 1000 years ago. We visited the cathedral and the tomb of Jane Austen, the famous 19th century author. Patricia (above) knew the titles of some her books.


Later we visted the remains of Winchester Castle now called the Great Hall.

The castle was mainy destroyed in the English Civil War by the republican army of Oliver Cromwell.

In the Great Hall hangs a huge round table which has connections with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The table has been hanging on the wall for over 500 years!


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Avebury Ring

On Saturday we visited the 6000 year old neolithic stone circle of Avebury Ring. It is the largest stone circle in Europe and one of the most mysterios.


IMG_0224El sábado pasado fuimos a Avebury Ring.














It was a very long journey to get there but it was a nice place to have lunch.




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Talent Show














Romeo and Juliet                                                                    The Missing K

IMG_0210Magic Tricks

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